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Dress-Up Doll Lilli Magnetic Game

Dress-Up Doll Lilli Magnetic Game

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This open-ended game challenges your child to sharpen their fine motor skills while using their vast imagination. The 4 different background scenes, magnetic Lilli, and the variety of magnetic garments, and pets will inspire your child to set the stage for Lilli’s many adventures. Where is Lillie? What is she wearing? What activity is she doing and why? The possibilities are endless! The magnetic tin and the 54 magnetic pieces facilitate contained on-the- go fun. Your child can play this game on the fridge at home or right on the tin container for easy, on-the-go fun in the car or on trips. Just pop open the magnetic tin and let your little one’s imagination soar!

Set includes:

  • Tin container (8" x 8")
  • 4 background scenes (2 double sided sheets)
  • 54 magnetic pieces including: 1 doll Lilli, dog, cat, variety of outfits, hairstyles, shoes and accessories like sunglasses, hats and bags.
  • Please Note: Magnetic pieces arrive in sheets. We recommend adults punch out the magnets to avoid tearing.
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