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Kullerbu Stuntman Bundle

Kullerbu Stuntman Bundle

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Get ready for action! Steven the stuntman is about to take on the most exciting, high-speed track of all. Send him plunging from a spectacular height, then hurtling through the prism blocks, around the curve, under the bell arch (ding!) and right into the dominoes. Then start over and see if he can beat his record time! A great introduction to the Kullerbu play system.

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, problem-solving and lateral thinking, and introduces concepts of engineering.
  • Easy to assemble - just insert, click and done.
  • Compatible with all other Kullerbu sets and accessories.

Kullerbu Stuntman Bundle includes:

  • Kullerbu Crash Test Play Track Set
  • Kullerbu Spiral Starter Track Set

For children ages 2 years and up. Ball is 1.75" in diameter and cannot be swallowed.

The Kullerbu Play Track System

Kullerbu is the play system that sparks a child's imagination. Expandable and modular, each set can be combined with other sets and accessories to create spectacular runs. There's no right or wrong way to build a Kullerbu track - just mix creativity with the high-quality pieces and you'll be amazed at the result.

Easy assembly means that little builders don't have to wait long to start playing. If the track layout doesn't work perfectly the first time, it's simple to rebuild. Kullerbu track layouts can be a new experience each time.

Kullerbu layouts are also solid and stable. They will stay together even if the builder should happen to bump into them. That keeps the focus on creating and expanding this fun play world.

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