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Kullerbu Vehicle Bundle

Kullerbu Vehicle Bundle

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Save on these favorite Kullerbu vehicles! Featuring a range of vehicle types from momentum motors that zoom around the track (no batteries required!) to colorful convertibles with painted wooden balls, this bundle adds excitement and the perfect assortment to keep the fun going!.

  • The Kullerbu Vehicle Bundle includes 10 colorful vehicles, including car and ball combinations and momentum motors, that work for Kullerbu vehicle track systems
  • Encourages fine motor skills, cause-effect learning, imaginative play

Kullerbu Vehicle Bundle includes:

  1. Black Speedster with Momentum Motor
  2. Green Speedster with Momentum Motor
  3. Dump Truck with Rubble Ball and Tipping Bed
  4. Fire Truck with Momentum Motor
  5. Police Car with Momentum Motor
  6. Ambulance with Momentum Motor
  7. Tractor with Momentum Motor and Trailer
  8. Red Speedster with Momentum Motor
  9. Pauline's Convertible Ball Car
  10. Silver Speedster with Momentum Motor
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