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Marble Run Master Construction Set

Marble Run Master Construction Set

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From marble canyons to power pulser tracks…Master Marble Run experts prepare for a speed and problem-solving extravaganza unlike any other! This beautifully crafted and exciting marble run building set takes the basics and ramps everything up a notch with innovative elements that will have young engineers completely engaged. Some of the amazing features of this radical marble run include sound effects, a power pulser, marble canyon, marble funnel stopper, and a marble container to gather and quickly redistribute marbles back into play. 

The possibilities are endless with this set that includes exclusive expansion accessories including Waving Flag Track and Marble Canyon, plus the Big Speed Circle and Musical Steps Track. The highlight is the sophisticated universal clamp with tube clamping function, as it takes ball track construction to new heights: attached to a table top or shelf, it creates an even greater fall, and maximum marble speeds. The wooden blocks, crafted in Germany from sustainable beech wood, are durable and designed to last for years of play.

In the big speed circle, the marbles whiz around in the circle, first slowly, then faster and faster includes sound effect track with two different sounding bells practical marble container with lots of functions: for collection, storage and quick marble pouring discover the laws of physics in play: in the conical marble canyon marbles initially slow down and then speed up.

  • A great way to introduce concepts of structural engineering and stimulate spatial thinking
  • Fosters spatial perception, perseverance, and motor skills
  • Encourages experimentation and comprehension of laws of physics
  • Conveys the principle of cause and effect


  • 1 big speed circle with marble stopper
  • 1 sound effect track
  • 1 speed breaker
  • 1 power pulser track
  • 1 waving flag track
  • 1 marble canyon
  • 3 speed tubes with connectors and tube clamps
  • 2 funnel curves with funnel, connectors and tube clamps
  • 5 speed curves
  • 1 universal clamp with tube clamp function
  • 3 ramps
  • 20 rectangular blocks
  • 5 cubes
  • 3 bases
  • 1 sound block
  • 1 marble container
  • 12 building block clamps
  • 12 marbles
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