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Marble Run Starter Set

Marble Run Starter Set

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Challenge your child to construct the paths, ramps, and dominoes that your marble can roll through. They will have fun problem-solving while they figure out how to get it to the end. Sturdy, hardwood blocks with grooves and holes can be combined in a variety of ways. 

  • Perfect marble run ball track for beginners
  • Early introduction to the laws of physics and engineering
  • STEM play favorite
  • Expand the system with a wide range of marble run accessories sold separately
  • Compatible with all building systems & wooden building blocks
  • Crafted in Germany

Includes: 4 ramps, 12 square blocks, 5 rectangular blocks, 3 redirection blocks, 2 columns, 12 domino blocks, 6 marbles, 1 instruction booklet

Materials: Beech wood

Crafted in Germany.

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