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Hubelino Gravity Hammer

Hubelino Gravity Hammer

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Does your marble need some speed? If so, the Hubelino Gravity Hammer is here to get the momentum flowing again. This hammer has enough force to move your marbles up several levels! Once the gravity hammer is installed, rotate the part with the metal ball upward so that when any approaching marble subsequently bumps against the gravity hammer, the metal ball will swoosh down and knock the marble forward. This cool Hubelino extension offers a great lesson in momentum.

  • Hubelino has been inspiring tinkerers and thinkers since 2008
  • Promotes development of skills through play
  • Enhances creativity, motor skills, spatial awareness, and logical thinking
  • 100% compatible with standard bricks offered by other manufacturers
  • Comes in a sturdy box with a handle for easy transport and storage
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Especially intriguing for master builders ages 8-12 years
  • Includes: 6 pieces, 4 balls, and 2 hammers
  • Made in Germany
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