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Orchard 31 Piece Threading Game

Orchard 31 Piece Threading Game

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Children will relive the excitement of picking their first apple off a tree or discover the sights of an orchard while they thread wooden tiles to the orchard board. Threading is a great exercise for children as it develops their fine motor skills. This open-ended toy allows for children to use their imagination in creating an orchard scene. Three children tiles as well as Theo the Raven and his friends, along with many other fruit, vegetable, and orchard themed tiles offer endless hours of creative play.

For children who need a little inspiration, the Orchard Threading Game includes two double-sided templates with orchard scene examples. A child can follow the arrows to thread multiple tiles to the orchard board.

This is a great toy to teach the concepts of counting and colors. Ask your child to create a picture using 3 cherries, 2 plums, and 1 child. Or challenge them to create a scene using only tiles with the color red.

Contents: 31 colorful wood tiles for threading including many fruits and vegetables, and Theo the Raven and his friends, 2 threading cords, and 2 double-sided template cards.

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