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Ultimate Marble Run Bundle

Ultimate Marble Run Bundle

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Building, tinkering, racing, rolling… our marble runs are amazing toys for kids allowing them to construct, manipulate, engineer, explore, and experiment. All this while having some rollicking, action-packed fun! Our Ultimate Marble Run Bundle brings on the extra excitement with our large marble run set and two amazing add-on sets; the Big Speed Circle and The Musical Steps Track Add-On. And you can save $30 when you bundle these three amazing runs together! 

Our large marble run features sustainably-made wooden blocks which have grooves and holes for sturdy building while allowing for a variety of thrilling combinations. The hanging bell rings when each marble rolls through to signal a successful run.

When the marble hits big speed circle, get ready for action-packed marble mania as marbles whiz around, moving faster and faster, then drop down through the hole to the next level on the speed snake track. And after spinning around in circles, the marbles can make some melodious music with the musical steps add-on track and can even play the pentatonic scale when placed in the correct order. 

  • Large Marble Run Set Includes: 1 zigzag track, 1 bridge with bell, 4 redirection blocks, 2 tunnel blocks, 4 ramps, 14 rectangular blocks, 8 square blocks, 2 bridging blocks, 6 columns, 6 marbles. Includes instruction booklet.
  • Big Speed Circle Add-On Includes: 1 big speed circle, 1 speed snake track, 1 ramp, 6 rectangular blocks, 1 cube, 6 marbles.  
  • Musical Steps Track Add-On Includes: 1 track, 9 building blocks, 6 melodious blocks, 6 marbles.
  • Fosters spatial perception, perseverance, and motor skills
  • Encourages experimentation and introduction to the laws of physics
  • Conveys the principle of cause and effect
  • All HABA block sets are compatible and can be combined.
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